Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky

Job Title:

Founder of BusinessPlan Consulting


Business Plans, Business Consulting, Capital Raising, New Venture Development, Investment Banking, Business Metrics, Sales & Marketing

Years of Experience:

25+ years of experience in writing business plans and business consulting

Formal Education:

  • BS, Commerce from the University of Virginia
  • MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA

Books Published:


Dave Lavinsky is the co-founder and President of Growthink, a business advisory and investment banking firm that has helped over 1 million entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals. With a passion for entrepreneurship and an extensive background in business planning, Dave has dedicated his career to assisting companies in navigating the complexities of growth and development.

Professional Background

Dave Lavinsky has been a key player in the entrepreneurial landscape for over two decades. His expertise spans a wide range of areas including business planning, capital raising, and strategic consulting. Under his leadership, Growthink has become a trusted resource for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises.

Dave’s approach combines practical experience with academic knowledge. He has developed and refined methodologies that have been instrumental in helping businesses secure funding, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth.

Contributions and Achievements

Authorship: Dave is a prolific author, having written numerous articles and books on entrepreneurship and business growth. His insights have been featured in top publications, and his works serve as essential guides for business owners worldwide.

Public Speaking: As a sought-after speaker, Dave has delivered presentations at major industry conferences and events. His engaging style and actionable advice make him a favorite among audiences seeking to enhance their business acumen.

Advisory Roles: Dave has advised countless companies, providing strategic guidance that has led to successful fundraising efforts and the implementation of effective growth strategies. His practical advice and proven frameworks have empowered businesses to thrive in competitive markets.


Dave holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, where he honed his skills in business strategy and management. His academic background complements his extensive practical experience, providing a well-rounded foundation for his advisory work.

Personal Philosophy

Dave believes that every entrepreneur has the potential to achieve greatness with the right guidance and tools. His commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success is evident in his work with Growthink, where he continues to innovate and provide valuable resources to the business community.